Rules. Please Read!

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Rules. Please Read!

Post  Adminosaurus Rex on Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:07 pm

Here Are the rules of the forum.

1. No Swearing.
2. No innapropriat Pics or videos
3. No, and I mean NO illegal posting of games that WOULD cost money. We could get in a lot of trouble. And that also means NO talking about anything illegal.
4. No Spamming including Smiley Spamming Which is this: Very Happy Smile Sad Surprised YUCK! affraid . I Limit Five smileys Per post.
5. Harrassment of a member or group of members is strictly prohibited.
6. Please respect Other peoples mods. Do no not steal other peoples mods and say You made them. If you do this please get permission from the author or authors.
7. All mods and skins must be in .ZIP Format.
8. Must tell how to install or include a readme in your file.
9. No double posts
10. Do not embed more than 3 videos in one post.
11. No useless posts; Eg.: One that has already been answered, or a remake of a topic, thanking some one repeatedly, etc. Doing this will result in deleting those posts. And no one-word posts that do not have a meaning. That's basically spam.
12. Use proper grammar--Not too formal
13. No one or two-word posting. That counts as spam.
14. No embedding youtube vids, or any other type of video other then GIF in your signature

Failure to comply with these rules can get you banned.
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