Mods & Skins. Post Download links here!!!!!

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Mods & Skins. Post Download links here!!!!!

Post  Adminosaurus Rex on Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:17 pm

Please post DL Links here. Here is some i found.

DinoDanger13's Camo rex v2.

Acroman12's Warpath Pack

djraymon64's JP Rex Pack

Garsa PL's Blue Lava Spino

RSR's V-Rex

Garsa PL's Sucho (Dont know if this link works);9603167;/fileinfo.html.

Film Cannon mod:

Novel Cannon Mod:

Jfrogs 7 new dino pack:

OGEP & RSR Skin Pack + Big Al Roars Pack :

Here are the instructions For the pack above: To install GEP V.2: open GEP V.2 folder> GEPv2Installer.exe
To RSR's pack skins: open RSR's pack matlibs folder and copy all files> go JPOG> Data> matlibs folder and Paste&Replace all copied files
To Edmonto male&female names: open RSR's pack folder> GUI,Locales> copy Eng.txt> go JPOG> GUI> Locales and Paste&Replace Eng.txt
To my save game: copy RaptorSpinoRex land.s00(s01,s02,sav) from RSR's pack> SaveGame folder and paste it on JPOG> Data> SaveGame
To Big Al roars: copy Allo folder from RSR's pack> Sound,Dino folder and paste&replace it on JPOG> Data> Sounds> Dino folder
To Male Edmonto,Raptor&Dilopho mods: copy all files in RSR's pack> UNITS and paste&replace it on JPOG> Data> Units
And finally: copy DinoList and FslHunt and paste&replace it on JPOG> Data folder.

Please Post More Links! Thanx Very Happy .
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